I wish we could offer coaching free. We enjoy it. It helps others. We get a great sense of satisfaction from doing it. However, something worthwhile is rarely free. Since we are not independently wealthy, we need to charge for our services. We have a support base in Ohio that enables us to provide Grace Brethren church planters and some supporters free coaching. For others not in our system here, we have to make other arrangements. 

The prices below are only a starting point. Many we serve are involved in church planting in Ohio, and we have a strong support base that enables us to provide coaching for free to church planters and FGBC leaders in supporting churches. If you would like to know how to give to our ministry, CLICK HERE. For all others, please contact us so that we can negotiate something that might work for you.


Church Planter Assessment


Harrison Assessment with Review

DiSC Profile with Review

Optimal Health

Together - personal interaction/speaking









Interview, DiSC, Harrison

Ridley Interview Only

(Material & shipping costs: $235)

(Material & shipping costs: $15)

330.472.7493 (mobile)

330.472.7493 (mobile)