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Others have said this about our coaching:

I enjoy these sessions. Its been helpful and glad we've been doing them. … It has definitely strengthened me and broadened my idea of what building this ministry is about. 7/8/15 DH 


- I feel like we can be honest with each other (at least I feel like I can be honest with you). 
- I know that you care beyond just our meeting times. I know that you pray for me and the church.
- The conversations are very practical. It involves steps that we can take. What we can do.
- It's very, very positive. I've never left a conversation with you not "pumped up" or feeling much better than before we met. It is always encouraging.
3/28/12 JP

I think you are asking questions that God is using to stretch me and the relationship is very helpful. Input is always helpful when you cross into mentoring. LOL. When I looked back I was shocked at the things we have accomplished. It seems like ALL the issues we have discussed have been solved or improved. Very encouraging!! 2/21/14 JB


Our relationship has been very helpful to me especially since I had been so sick and on "survival" mode in the ministry. Your coaching help me adjust priorities and with a challenging relationship. Very open. Able to be honest. 9/7/12 JB

You have been very helpful in being a sounding board for me and giving feedback. A solid caring ear with solutions! You also continued to gently push toward church planting – appears to have been a good thing (GSE). 7/14/15 RP


I was not sure that I would really benefit at the beginning, but I am sold. I ALWAYS hang up thinking and more focused. 6/22/10 SK

I always liked the last question you ask me every month, "what are some take-aways?" Great way to end a session, I usually ended up writing those things down and keeping them on my desk for a while so that I would read them every day. 5/10/12 NZ


I like having someone to bounce things off of - forces me to write down my plans prior to implementation. Also appreciate advice from a church planter who has "been there, done that." 2/19/09 JH

Strengths: provides motivation, clarity, inspiration, direction, information and advice. My Fridays (and ministry activities) have been far more productive and I feel a sense of direction, purpose and accomplishment. 6/22/12 JH

I find our relationship provides me with a great deal of clarity, encouragement, confidence and energy. I also love tapping into your wealth of experience and the fresh perspectives you're able to provide. Our relationship also holds me accountable. 

Again, I think you use just the right amount of push - not enough to anger me but still enough to keep me moving. I should point out that's not an easy task with me; I think it's probably a fine line between the two and you walk it quite well :)

I value both our relationship and the results it has produced in my life . . . 1/4/13 JH

It really helps to run these things by someone who is not being directly affected. It forces me to stop and examine things. 4/2016 VR