We have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing Jesus and serving Him for the past 50 years. As leaders we have had great experiences in local churches–challenging and sometimes overwhelmingly difficult experiences.

Looking back, I think we could have done much better at times if we would have had a coach to talk us through the decision-making process.

This is why we would like to offer to you the opportunity of being coached. We won't tell you what to do (non-directive coaching), but we can help you navigate the planning process.

Ron Coaches:

  • church planters

  • church leaders

  • ministry leaders

  • developing leaders

  • entrepreneurs and business leaders

  • couples working together in ministry

  • health seekers

Chery coaches:

  • wives of church planters

  • pastors' wives

  • women ministry leaders

  • wives who work together with their husbands in ministry

Coaching is…

Coaching is a relational process of coming alongside a person for the purpose of

a) understanding their situation/circumstance and God-inspired dreams of a preferred future,

b) exploring their thoughts about what they think they need to do, 

c) drawing out into the open their priorities and next steps, and

d) encouraging them to stay-the-course with a positive, faith-driven attitude, resulting in enhanced performance, situational clarity, and/or the enrichment of one’s character.

If you were involved in junior high sports, you might think that a coach is someone who knows more than you do, sees what you are doing wrong, tells you how to do it right, and then yells at you when you mess up. This is NOT the kind of coaching we do.

Our coaching is a series of conversations. It is particularly helpful for those who face great challenges. These conversations over a period of time help the leader become more competent, efficient, and mature.

Mentoring is…

While the coach is someone who walks beside and draws out, the mentor is someone who has gone before and pours in. Mentoring is quite valuable for those who find themselves in perplexing situations and want to hear from someone who may have experienced similar situations.

We have been in vocational ministry for over 46 years and have raised four children (who have given us 14 grandchildren!). We have been married for over 48 years.

Ron has been a youth pastor, an assistant pastor, a church planter, a solo pastor, a staff pastor, and a church-planting missionary working with an non-profit organization. He has served on district and national boards.

Besides being a faithful, supportive wife in life and ministry, Chery has been a homemaker, taught in public schools, and served on committees and national boards.

In our work, we are quite hesitant to mentor because we think you are better qualified, knowing your context and the times, to solve your problems. However, we have found that our experiences can be helpful at times.