Contributing authors to the Anthology from a Complementarian position—A Missional Mosaic!

We love serving the Lord together. God has gifted us and created us in such a way that we capitalize on our combined abilities as much as possible. We found that while planting a church, it was nearly essential that we harmoniously work together in ways that were not as important as in other ministry roles. In the past fifteen plus years, we have intentionally included wives in our ministry to church planters, believing in the significance of both of their roles.

Pursuing my Doctor of Ministry degree I, Ron, focussed on the ministry contributions of church planting wives. I researched over 100 wives of church planters to learn more about the ways in which they enhanced the ministry of their husbands.

In our coaching ministry, we have found it particularly helpful to get acquainted with wives and husbands. We believe we have the ability to speak into the lives of those who want, or need, to work together in ways that are not conventional to most of our culture.


The diagram at the top of the page describes something we have observed. 

  • Left. The husband is the 'out front' leader and sometimes those he leads know very little about his wife. She is known to work "behind the scenes" or in ministries totally dedicated to women only–somewhat distant and distinct from what he does. She doesn't get involved much in how he ministers. They may have a great marriage and a strong family, as well as healthy relationships with the Lord. The way they operate as a couple in ministry is fine–no condemnation here.
  • Right. Both are very involved in ministry and often work side-by-side. Where you see one, the other is close by. They shoulder the burdens of ministry together and both sense a calling to what they do. They too have a great marriage and a strong family, as well as healthy relationships with the Lord. However, traditional Christianity may not understand their challenges, their needs, their perspectives, nor value the ministry contributions of the wife adequately. We would like to be a healthy example of couples together in ministry and encourage those who also operate this way (very common among church planters).
  • Middle. Couples sometimes find that the traditional model does not work well for them, and they are not getting any encouragement to develop a together style of marriage (right). We would like to help couples who want to "move toward the right" as they serve Jesus together.

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