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Others have said this about our coaching:

I enjoy these sessions. Its been helpful and glad we've been doing them. … It has definitely strengthened me and broadened my idea of what building this ministry is about. DH 


- I feel like we can be honest with each other (at least I feel like I can be honest with you). 
- I know that you care beyond just our meeting times. I know that you pray for me and the church.
- The conversations are very practical. It involves steps that we can take. What we can do.
- It's very, very positive. I've never left a conversation with you not "pumped up" or feeling much better than before we met. It is always encouraging.

I think you are asking questions that God is using to stretch me and the relationship is very helpful. Input is always helpful when you cross into mentoring. LOL. When I looked back I was shocked at the things we have accomplished. It seems like ALL the issues we have discussed have been solved or improved. Very encouraging!! JB


Our relationship has been very helpful to me especially since I had been so sick and on "survival" mode in the ministry. Your coaching help me adjust priorities and with a challenging relationship. Very open. Able to be honest. JB

You have been very helpful in being a sounding board for me and giving feedback. A solid caring ear with solutions! You also continued to gently push toward church planting – appears to have been a good thing (GSE). RP


I was not sure that I would really benefit at the beginning, but I am sold. I ALWAYS hang up thinking and more focused. SK

I always liked the last question you ask me every month, "what are some take-aways?" Great way to end a session, I usually ended up writing those things down and keeping them on my desk for a while so that I would read them every day. NZ


I like having someone to bounce things off of - forces me to write down my plans prior to implementation. Also appreciate advice from a church planter who has "been there, done that." JH

Strengths: provides motivation, clarity, inspiration, direction, information and advice. My Fridays (and ministry activities) have been far more productive and I feel a sense of direction, purpose and accomplishment. JH

I find our relationship provides me with a great deal of clarity, encouragement, confidence and energy. I also love tapping into your wealth of experience and the fresh perspectives you're able to provide. Our relationship also holds me accountable. 

Again, I think you use just the right amount of push - not enough to anger me but still enough to keep me moving. I should point out that's not an easy task with me; I think it's probably a fine line between the two and you walk it quite well :)

I value both our relationship and the results it has produced in my life . . . JH

It really helps to run these things by someone who is not being directly affected. It forces me to stop and examine things. VR

Coaching. We have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing Jesus and serving Him for the past 50 years. As leaders we have had great experiences in local churches–challenging and sometimes overwhelmingly difficult experiences. Looking back, I think we could have done much better at times if we would have had a coach to talk us through the decision-making process. This is why we would like to offer to you the opportunity of being coached. We won't tell you what to do (non-directive coaching), but we can help you navigate the planning process. Learn more about our perspective on coaching.

Assessments. Sometimes leaders need a different perspective and fresh insights on who they are and how they operate. We have found that the DiSC Profile can help you better understand yourself and how you approach relationships. The DiSC Profile shows husbands and wives how they can better work in sync with one another. Teams or staff take the DiSC Profile so that they can work through misunderstandings, better harmonize their efforts, and come to a deeper appreciation of their differences in personality. Also, we have both been trained in the interpretation of the Harrison Assessment, and likewise, it can be used with teams. The Harrison Assessment helps you make career adjustments, or expose how well you might work in certain settings. Check out our page on Assessments.

Health. I, Ron, have struggled at maintaining a healthy weight for many years. I had tried several diet programs and could make them work, as long as I used them. However, once off the program I quickly regained the weight I had lost...and a little more. Finally, in 2011 my son introduced me to a new program. He lost 80 lbs. and gained tremendous ground in his fight against diabetes. I worked the program for 3.5 months and lost 50 lbs., which so improved my health that the doctor took me off my cholesterol and blood pressure medicines. Now I am coaching others and helping them discover Optimum Health. If you would like to know more, visit our Health page.

Ministry Together. Chery and I have worked together in many ways through the years of being in ministry. Once our children were raised and we took a career move to work among church planters in 2000, we made it our intention to travel and serve together as much as possible. When I, Ron, pursued my Doctor in Ministry degree, I focussed on the ministry contributions of church planter wives. My reading and research was particularly helpful in understanding the significant work that wives did for the Lord and His Kingdom–often unnoticed and unappreciated. We love to work with couples to share insights, experiences and new perspectives as they sense a calling to partner in their ministry. We believe in and operate from a Complementation perspective, but even those of a different persuasion can benefit from what we've learned. See more at our page on Together.


Coaching is . . .

Coaching is a relational process of coming alongside a person for the purpose of a) understanding their situation/circumstance and God-inspired dreams of a preferred future, b) exploring their thoughts about what they think they need to do,  c) drawing out into the open their priorities and next steps, and d) encouraging them to stay-the-course with a positive, faith-driven attitude, resulting in enhanced performance, situational clarity, and/or the enrichment of one’s character.

If you were involved in Jr. High sports, you might think that a coach is someone who knows more than you do, sees what you are doing wrong, tells you how to do it right, and then yells at you when you mess up. This is NOT the kind of coaching we do.

Our coaching is a series of conversations. It is particularly helpful for those who face great challenges. These conversations over a period of time help the leader become more competent, efficient, and mature.

Mentoring is . . .

While the coach is someone who walks beside and draws out, the mentor is someone who has gone before and pours in. Mentoring is quite valuable for those who find themselves in perplexing situations and want to hear from someone who may have experienced similar situations.

We have been in vocational ministry for over 46 years and have raised four children (who have given us 14 grandchildren!). We have been married for over 48 years. Ron has been a youth pastor, an assistant pastor, a church planter, a solo pastor, a staff pastor, and a church-planting missionary working with an non-profit organization. He has served on district and national boards. Besides being a faithful, supportive wife in life AND ministry, Chery has been a homemaker, taught in public schools, and served on committees and national boards. In our work, we are quite hesitant to mentor because we think you are better qualified, knowing your context and the times, to solve your problems. However, we have found that our experiences can be helpful at times.

Whom do we Coach?

Ron Coaches...

  1. Church planters

  2. Church leaders

  3. Ministry leaders

  4. Developing leaders

  5. Entrepreneurs and businessmen

  6. Couples working together in ministry

  7. Health seekers, men and women

Chery coaches...

  1. Wives of church planters

  2. Pastors' wives

  3. Women ministry leaders

  4. Wives who work together with their husbands in ministry

Coaching Qualifications

Coaching Experience

  • Actively involved in Coaching/Mentoring since 2000

  • Formal coaching hours accumulated:

    • Ron: 325+

    • Chery: 175+

Training Received for Coaching

  • 2002 Jim Griffith - one day training sponsored by VisionOhio and GBNAM, our first exposure to formal coaching

  • 2008-09 Bob Login. 4 days of training class and practice coaching with a mentor/coach, a nine month process

  • 2012 Jonathan Reitz, CoachNet

  • 2015 Jonathan Reitz, CoachNet. 4 days of class (cnLaunch and cnEssentials), homework and 8 triad coaching sessions

  • Ron is on track to becoming certified with the ICF, International Coach Federation.

Ministry Experience

We have been involved with ministry professionally for over 44 years and our ministry experiences include these:

  1. Youth pastorate - Ankenytown, OH - 2 years

  2. Associate pastorate - Elkhart, IN - 3 years

  3. Church planter/Solo pastor/Senior pastor - Bowling Green, OH - 7 years

  4. Church planter/Solo pastor/Senior pastor - Macedonia, OH - 15 years

  5. Regional Church Planting/Church planter - 15 years

  6. House Church Leader - 6 years (part-time)

  7. Staff pastor at Western Reserve Grace Church - 4 years (part-time)

  8. Coach for You LLC - Started January 1, 2017 (part-time)


We have been trained and have practiced various assessments. Ron has coordinated, written, and participated as an assessor for church planters (Ridley Assessment). Chery has been trained in the questioning process as well. We have both been trained in the Harrison Assessment and we have both helped people understand their DiSC profiles. In addition to these, the Optimal Health program Ron uses includes a personal health assessment. Let me explain...

Church Planter Assessment


FULL ASSESSMENT. Our assessment process involves the leader and his wife and we spend about 8 hours with them. It includes a Ridley Assessment interview and scoring, the DiSC Profile, and a Harrison Assessment. In addition, we require three references for a phone interview, minimal reading with a report, video viewing with responses. We review and coach the results of the DiSC Profiles and Harrison Assessment. Candidates are responsible for their own transportation, lodging and meals. Dates and locations are by arrangement. The purpose for our Full Assessment is to give the potential church planter and those who are sponsoring him an indication of their suitability for the work of church planting so that they can determine the Lord's leading on the matter, AND to provide coaches with critical information profitable to them as they work with the church planter (we recommend every church planter to have a coach). Following the time together (2-4 weeks), the assessment team will prepare a complete written report of their conclusions. Cost: $900.

RIDLEY ONLY. This is an interview using the system developed by Dr. Charles Ridley. The interview, which includes husband and wife, takes about 6-8 hours and can be completed in one day. The Ridley Assessment investigates 13 Essential Qualities of a Church Planter and provides a score for each quality, along with an overall recommendation in light of strengths and challenges. Cost: $600.

Harrison Assessment


The Harrison Assessment, developed by Dan Harrison, Ph.D., is based on 24+ years of research and has been used by over 2 million people. It has been translated to 29 languages. The assessment measures the strength of your behavioral tendencies–your preference level for specific behavior traits. Unlike many personal assessments–it isn't a personality inventory–it measures your preferences, interests, and tendencies for specific behaviors. To take this assessment, you submit your responses online, and then debrief the results. You get a booklet explaining your responses and along with a digital copy of the information. Cost: $385 (includes $210 for the assessment + a 90 minute debrief).

DiSC Profile Assessment


The DiSC Profile is a personality profiling system. It is simple to give your responses and find your results, but talking through those results can help you refine your self-awareness and relationship tendencies.  To know more about the profile, here is one of many sites that explain in further detail: CLICK HERE. We can send you the DiSC profiling system and review your results. Cost: $150

Optimal Health Assessment


We are often asked, "How are you doing?" but rarely do people really want to know. Matter of fact, many of us really don't know how we are doing health-wise until something goes terribly wrong. Take the free online health assessment and see what you think: CLICK HERE. Let me know if you would like to know more about reaching the state of Optimal Health, or visit our Health page.

Health. Through the years I have struggled to keep my weight down. It helped once a doctor found that my thyroid was under-active and needed help, but that did not alone solve my propensity to gain weight.

In 2011 I tried a weight program recommended to me by my son, Zach, and lost 50 lbs. In the past, I have used other systems, but they did not help me discover how to live healthy once I was off the specific program. This one did. 

I believe that keeping my weight down (by the way, Chery does not have the same struggle I have) is a spiritual thing – it is being a good steward of the body that God has given me. Keeping my weight in check not only helps me maintain a higher level of productivity, it also increases my confidence as a leader. 

Then in 2014, October 23rd, I found an even more critical reason for being healthy. To fully understand, see the videos I have posted on this page to the right. The second one will give you more information about the particular program I use, or you can visit my branded website at www.wtloss.me.

I would love to help you if this is your need. I coach people, both men and women, using the program. Note, the coaching fees are included in the cost of the food replacement system.

I happened to catch a comment made on FaceBook made by a person I coached. Someone had posted that their doctor was asking questions about the TSFL program, and here is what he had to say:

"My doc was skeptical too when I started. Not anymore. It's hard to argue with results: Weight, down 60 lbs; cholesterol, down 30%; good cholesterol, up; (completely off statins now) blood pressure, down; pulse, down; I sleep better, feel better, move around more." LD March 2016

Here's my October 23, 2014 story...

The video below is recorded from a conversation my son, Zach, and I had with our health coach. The last third of this video is a great explanation of the program we used to loose our weight (Zach lost 80 lbs.).

Please contact me if you would like to know more about how you might get started.

Contact Ron




Contributing authors to the Anthology from a Complementarian position—A Missional Mosaic!

We love serving the Lord together. God has gifted us and created us in such a way that we capitalize on our combined abilities as much as possible. We found that while planting a church, it was nearly essential that we harmoniously work together in ways that were not as important as in other ministry roles. In the past fifteen plus years, we have intentionally included wives in our ministry to church planters, believing in the significance of both of their roles.

Pursuing my Doctor of Ministry degree I, Ron, focussed on the ministry contributions of church planting wives. I researched over 100 wives of church planters to learn more about the ways in which they enhanced the ministry of their husbands.

In our coaching ministry, we have found it particularly helpful to get acquainted with wives and husbands. We believe we have the ability to speak into the lives of those who want, or need, to work together in ways that are not conventional to most of our culture.


The diagram at the top of the page describes something we have observed. 

  • Left. The husband is the 'out front' leader and sometimes those he leads know very little about his wife. She is known to work "behind the scenes" or in ministries totally dedicated to women only–somewhat distant and distinct from what he does. She doesn't get involved much in how he ministers. They may have a great marriage and a strong family, as well as healthy relationships with the Lord. The way they operate as a couple in ministry is fine–no condemnation here.
  • Right. Both are very involved in ministry and often work side-by-side. Where you see one, the other is close by. They shoulder the burdens of ministry together and both sense a calling to what they do. They too have a great marriage and a strong family, as well as healthy relationships with the Lord. However, traditional Christianity may not understand their challenges, their needs, their perspectives, nor value the ministry contributions of the wife adequately. We would like to be a healthy example of couples together in ministry and encourage those who also operate this way (very common among church planters).
  • Middle. Couples sometimes find that the traditional model does not work well for them, and they are not getting any encouragement to develop a together style of marriage (right). We would like to help couples who want to "move toward the right" as they serve Jesus together.

To open up a conversation about this issue of ministering together, please contact us or click Start the Process so that we can contact you.

Biographical Sketch

Ron and Chery Boehm

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Ron and Chery at a church to minister on Sunday morning, teaching and preaching

Ron and Chery at a church to minister on Sunday morning, teaching and preaching

Ron and Chery grew up on small family farms, about 13 miles apart. They met in junior high and started dating near the end of their sophomore year at West Branch High School.

Ron’s family attended the North Benton Presbyterian church and Chery’s the North Georgetown Brethren Church. Ron trusted Christ as a result of listening to a TV evangelist, Rex Humbard, and during their college years, Ron and Chery were both discipled through the ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ and the Navigators. Ron sensed the call of God into ministry near the end of his first year of college. While enrolled at The Ohio State University they both started attending the Worthington Grace Brethren Church and were introduced to the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.

Ron and Chery were married in 1971, and after college Ron was called to serve as a youth pastor at the Ankenytown Grace Brethren Church (’72-’74). In the summer of 1974 they moved their mobile home to the Winona Lake area and Ron started his four year MDiv program at Grace Theological Seminary. For three of those years he was the associate pastor at the Elkhart Grace Brethren Church.

Upon graduation from seminary, Ron assumed the pastorate of a church plant in the university town of Bowling Green, Ohio, where he served for seven years (1978-1985). In 1985 Ron, Chery and their four children moved to Macedonia to plant a new church “from scratch.” Here they would lead in planting and establishing this church for 15 years and raise their kids.

Ron resigned from his pastoring responsibilities in 2000 and began serving as a regional career missionary in the Midwest for the purpose of helping others plant new churches with the national church planting organization of the Grace Brethren. Prior to that time, a) he had been a church planter himself, b) the church of which he was a senior pastor had attempted to plant two other churches, c) he attended several church planting seminars, and d) he served on the national board of directors for the Grace Brethren Home Missions organization.

At the end of 2007 the national church-planting organization of which he had been a part ceased operations. On August 2nd Ron officially became a part of an organization he helped bring into existence five years previously, VisionOhio.

Ron and Chery currently have four adult children, all of which are married, and fourteen grandchildren. The Boehms still live in Macedonia, Ohio, and for the past five years they have been leading a house church, LifeSprings, in Twinsburg.

After a near-death medical emergency on October 23rd, 2014, the Boehms were invited to work on the staff of the Western Reserve Grace Church for the purpose of coaching and mentoring young emerging leaders. Ron is now serving part-time at the church giving oversight to the development of their LifeGroup ministry.

Chery, besides working alongside Ron in his pastoral duties, coaches wives of church planters, and other women involved in leadership. 

Together they make a good team, often being perceived as having an Aquilla/Priscilla type working relationship, something they have refined, and continue to improve, the past 44 years of ministry.

The Family - December 2016

The Family - December 2016