Health. Through the years I have struggled to keep my weight down. It helped once a doctor found that my thyroid was under-active and needed help, but that did not alone solve my propensity to gain weight.

In 2011 I tried a weight program recommended to me by my son, Zach, and lost 50 lbs. In the past, I have used other systems, but they did not help me discover how to live healthy once I was off the specific program. This one did. 

I believe that keeping my weight down (by the way, Chery does not have the same struggle I have) is a spiritual thing – it is being a good steward of the body that God has given me. Keeping my weight in check not only helps me maintain a higher level of productivity, it also increases my confidence as a leader. 

Then in 2014, October 23rd, I found an even more critical reason for being healthy. To fully understand, see the videos I have posted on this page to the right. The second one will give you more information about the particular program I use, or you can visit my branded website at

I would love to help you if this is your need. I coach people, both men and women, using the program. Note, the coaching fees are included in the cost of the food replacement system.

I happened to catch a comment made on FaceBook made by a person I coached. Someone had posted that their doctor was asking questions about the TSFL program, and here is what he had to say:

"My doc was skeptical too when I started. Not anymore. It's hard to argue with results: Weight, down 60 lbs; cholesterol, down 30%; good cholesterol, up; (completely off statins now) blood pressure, down; pulse, down; I sleep better, feel better, move around more." LD March 2016

Here's my October 23, 2014 story...

The video below is recorded from a conversation my son, Zach, and I had with our health coach. The last third of this video is a great explanation of the program we used to loose our weight (Zach lost 80 lbs.).

Please contact me if you would like to know more about how you might get started.

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