Coaching. We have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing Jesus and serving Him for the past 50 years. As leaders we have had great experiences in local churches–challenging and sometimes overwhelmingly difficult experiences. Looking back, I think we could have done much better at times if we would have had a coach to talk us through the decision-making process. This is why we would like to offer to you the opportunity of being coached. We won't tell you what to do (non-directive coaching), but we can help you navigate the planning process. Learn more about our perspective on coaching.

Assessments. Sometimes leaders need a different perspective and fresh insights on who they are and how they operate. We have found that the DiSC Profile can help you better understand yourself and how you approach relationships. The DiSC Profile shows husbands and wives how they can better work in sync with one another. Teams or staff take the DiSC Profile so that they can work through misunderstandings, better harmonize their efforts, and come to a deeper appreciation of their differences in personality. Also, we have both been trained in the interpretation of the Harrison Assessment, and likewise, it can be used with teams. The Harrison Assessment helps you make career adjustments, or expose how well you might work in certain settings. Check out our page on Assessments.

Health. I, Ron, have struggled at maintaining a healthy weight for many years. I had tried several diet programs and could make them work, as long as I used them. However, once off the program I quickly regained the weight I had lost...and a little more. Finally, in 2011 my son introduced me to a new program. He lost 80 lbs. and gained tremendous ground in his fight against diabetes. I worked the program for 3.5 months and lost 50 lbs., which so improved my health that the doctor took me off my cholesterol and blood pressure medicines. Now I am coaching others and helping them discover Optimum Health. If you would like to know more, visit our Health page.

Ministry Together. Chery and I have worked together in many ways through the years of being in ministry. Once our children were raised and we took a career move to work among church planters in 2000, we made it our intention to travel and serve together as much as possible. When I, Ron, pursued my Doctor in Ministry degree, I focussed on the ministry contributions of church planter wives. My reading and research was particularly helpful in understanding the significant work that wives did for the Lord and His Kingdom–often unnoticed and unappreciated. We love to work with couples to share insights, experiences and new perspectives as they sense a calling to partner in their ministry. We believe in and operate from a Complementation perspective, but even those of a different persuasion can benefit from what we've learned. See more at our page on Together.