We have been trained and have practiced various assessments. Ron has coordinated, written, and participated as an assessor for church planters (Ridley Assessment). Chery has been trained in the questioning process as well. We have both been trained in the Harrison Assessment and we have both helped people understand their DiSC profiles. In addition to these, the Optimal Health program Ron uses includes a personal health assessment. Let me explain...

Church Planter Assessment


FULL ASSESSMENT. Our assessment process involves the leader and his wife and we spend about 8 hours with them. It includes a Ridley Assessment interview and scoring, the DiSC Profile, and a Harrison Assessment. In addition, we require three references for a phone interview, minimal reading with a report, video viewing with responses. We review and coach the results of the DiSC Profiles and Harrison Assessment. Candidates are responsible for their own transportation, lodging and meals. Dates and locations are by arrangement. The purpose for our Full Assessment is to give the potential church planter and those who are sponsoring him an indication of their suitability for the work of church planting so that they can determine the Lord's leading on the matter, AND to provide coaches with critical information profitable to them as they work with the church planter (we recommend every church planter to have a coach). Following the time together (2-4 weeks), the assessment team will prepare a complete written report of their conclusions. Cost: $900.

RIDLEY ONLY. This is an interview using the system developed by Dr. Charles Ridley. The interview, which includes husband and wife, takes about 6-8 hours and can be completed in one day. The Ridley Assessment investigates 13 Essential Qualities of a Church Planter and provides a score for each quality, along with an overall recommendation in light of strengths and challenges. Cost: $600.

Harrison Assessment


The Harrison Assessment, developed by Dan Harrison, Ph.D., is based on 24+ years of research and has been used by over 2 million people. It has been translated to 29 languages. The assessment measures the strength of your behavioral tendencies–your preference level for specific behavior traits. Unlike many personal assessments–it isn't a personality inventory–it measures your preferences, interests, and tendencies for specific behaviors. To take this assessment, you submit your responses online, and then debrief the results. You get a booklet explaining your responses and along with a digital copy of the information. Cost: $385 (includes $210 for the assessment + a 90 minute debrief).

DiSC Profile Assessment


The DiSC Profile is a personality profiling system. It is simple to give your responses and find your results, but talking through those results can help you refine your self-awareness and relationship tendencies.  To know more about the profile, here is one of many sites that explain in further detail: CLICK HERE. We can send you the DiSC profiling system and review your results. Cost: $150

Optimal Health Assessment


We are often asked, "How are you doing?" but rarely do people really want to know. Matter of fact, many of us really don't know how we are doing health-wise until something goes terribly wrong. Take the free online health assessment and see what you think: CLICK HERE. Let me know if you would like to know more about reaching the state of Optimal Health, or visit our Health page.